Note Me – Apple iOS

Looking for a notes applications that not just takes your notes, but also lets you find them when you need to? Well, look no more.

We developed Note Me not just to help you jot down ideas, meeting notes, personal memos etc., but also to be able to organize them in such a way that you can find the information you are looking for easily.

Note Me uses a tagging system that allows you to assign multiple tags to a single note and then look up notes based on any combination of such tags.

Note Creation/Organization

  • Just press the “Add Note” button and start typing.
  • Tap the note to make changes and changes will be saved as soon as you dismiss the keyboard!
  • Note Me can easily handle thousands of notes. (Yes, that’s not a typo… it really can handle 1000s of notes!)
  • Organize your notes easily by using different tags. You can apply any combination of tags on your note.

Portrait/Landscape Orientation Support

  • Wish your notes application could let you type in Landscape mode. Note Me does!
  • What’s more, we don’t want you to keep rotating your device from one screen to another, so we have added Landscape support not just while typing the note, but to the complete application. Just keep the device in any orientation you wish!

Mail Support

  • You can mail any note using the iPhone/iPod Touch Mail application. So, you don’t have to configure Note Me at all to enable the mailing functionality.
  • We understand that its a drag to jump between the notes app and the Mail app if you wish to mail multiple notes. So, we have included the feature to select multiple notes and mail them as a single email! What’s more, you don’t even have to open each note. You can do all this from the main screen itself!
  • We don’t just mail the title and the content of the note, but even the applied tags (with color!) are included in the mail text.

International Character Support

  • We support all international characters in the title/content of the note.
  • You can type your note in any language supported by your iPhone/iPod Touch.

User Interface

  • We have worked really hard to give you a fantastic work-flow.
  • Most common operations like applying tags, deletion and mailing can be done right from the main list view. You don’t need to open the note to perform any of these operations.
  • Also, all these common operations can be performed on multiple notes! No need to switch across multiple screens to perform these trivial operations!